Week 9: The Direction of the Final Project

So far all my group has agreed on Candid Career. Before even doing any research, I feel that my group should be able to come up with a legitimate storyline possibly following the journey of a lost student (which many of us can relate to). Recently, everyone has been posting on social media about all the jobs/internships they have and everyone seems to be moving forward with their lives. Then there are students like me that are completely lost, have no clue what they are doing, and just trying to get through the week. I think we can easily translate those emotions on screen with the technology and tools we have. We can show a student getting really worried about falling behind their peers and googling answers for help them and stumbling upon Candid Career which can help them figure out the path that is right for them with guidance from Career Service advisors and how to connect with alumni. Some difficulty we might face is showing online pages such as Facebook and having it blend smoothly with live action shots. I hope the direction we are going in can relate to a lot of students and show them how helpful Career Services can be because before this project, I did not even know that half these pages/services even existed and want to inform others successfully.


Top 5 Midterm Blogs

Disclaimer: These blogs are not in order of the best to worst but in random order.

  1. The Artist’s Blog by Alexa Carter


The use of colors for the theme of her blog go perfectly with the topic of her blog, its very fun and inviting. I love the pictures of dirty brushes because it adds to the colors of the blog and being an artist. The video of making a cartoon character was very easy to follow especially for someone like me who is not that great at drawing. She took is through all the steps of the process and informed her viewers of all the supplies they would need. She did not go too fast and it was easy to see each of the steps and how she was doing because there are a lot of drawing videos that I have seen in the past that are faster and hard to follow along with. Although my end product did not look as great as her’s, I got the idea of drawing a cartoon character.

2. The College Road Trip by Deanna van Woerkom


I was instantly attracted to Deanna’s blog the second I got on her homepage. She had told me a bit about her blog before spring break and how during spring break she was taking a road trip and was going to take pictures and use experiences of her road trip for her blog. I thought that it was a great idea because she actually experienced this road trip instead of making one up. I loved the banner that she edited for her homepage. At first I did not even realize that the picture was edited and I thought that she got it from a different source. The colors of the two pictures match and it goes perfectly with the theme of her blog.

Her video was very informative and had very helpful information for college students that are trying to go on vacations on a budget. I like the way she broke up her video into parts so that all the information was not just thrown together and people could skip around and watch the parts that were more important to them.

All around her blog was very inviting and organized very well. It was easy to follow her content and what she was trying to express to her followers. I hope one day to take her advice and go on a road trip of my own.

  1. Fitness 101 by Molly O’Brien


Personally, this blog is geared towards people like me who are in college but still trying to stay healthy and fit at the same time and sometimes that can be a hard balance and that was the reason why I was vey attracted to this blog.

I really liked how the first post broke down parts of the book Fit Girls Guide: The 28 Day Jump Start. The post gave a lot of good advice that was easy to follow and the whole post all together tied very well with the theme of the blog even the pictures that were used within the post.

The blog even gave a video of a healthy recipe for Pitta Pizza which I thought looked really good and something that I will try to make on my own. The video showed all the ingredients and steps very well.

4. All Thing Firefly by Lorena Redetti


I like the overall theme of this blog. It is very clean but organizes its content very well. The blog gave me a very hipster/festival type feeling which is perfect for a blog about Firefly. The blog had a lot of useful information whether this was going to be your first Firefly experience or if you have gone every single year. I really loved the way that she presented her information about the artists that were performing this year and having links for those artists. The content within her video made me really jealous that I will not be able to attend Firefly this year which shows that her video was successful in making people excited for the festival.

  1. The Hidden Wild by Jordan Gentile


I was instantly attracted to this blog just by the homepage. I loved the background story that Jordan shared about her personal experiences because I connected to what she explained and it makes me feel closer to her and this blog. I feel like mental health is something that a lot of college students struggle with and his blog offers a lot of great tips to keep yourself sane, especially during times like finals. I have always been interested in getting into mediation but I never knew how or even where to start. I have also been very interested in tarot cards and she offered a great video and steps of how to use them properly. I learned a lot from this blog and things that I am going to start doing in my own life and exploring.

Overall, I really did enjoy seeing my other classmates blogs and I feel like I got to know them a little better and what their interests are by the topics of there blogs. There were a lot of things I liked about different blogs that I plan to add to mine in the future and was very impressed by their work.

Week 8: Midterm Project

When I came time for me pick a topic for my midterm blog, I did not want it to be something that everyone did. I wanted to pick a topic that not many people knew about and was different. I chose to do my blog on a type of dance called bhangra. Bhangra is type of Indian dance that is known for being fun, upbeat, and colorful and I wanted to be able to translate those characteristics through my blog. I have always been very interested in bhangra and have followed the progression of this dance since I was young so I knew that it would be the perfect topic to elaborate more on for other people.

There was a lot of content that I wanted to share on my page such as YouTube and SoundCloud pages. I wanted my followers to have other sources to explore than just mine but were able to do it right from my blog. I wanted people to explore more on their own if they felt like they wanted to know more or see more examples and I felt as if it was my job to be able to provide that for them.

When it came to design of my blog, I wanted to make it simple but still fun and colorful and this was an area that I struggled a bit on. Although I like to think of myself as a creative person, I was not sure how to set up my blog in a way to have a happy medium of simple and fun. I wish there were more WordPress options for blog designs that were free because I feel like I would be able to express the culture of bhangra easier that way. I did try to work with what I had and I tried to make my blog look sleek and professional yet still fun and I did that through my header and the pictures, videos, and other content I added on my pages and posts.

I hope to elaborate on my blog as the semester progresses and fix some of the problems that I had before and add more content for my followers.

Week 6: Editing Video

This week we used Screencast-O-Matic and I found the software to be pretty straight forward to use and the videos on their website were very helpful in setting up the program. I realized that when it came time to editing my recording, I used the word “um” A LOT to the point where it got really annoying and I tried to edit it out but when I did it make the video seem choppy and the webpages did not flow smoothly. There were times that I took a lot of long pauses or messed up what I was trying to say and trying to edit those pieces out were pretty difficult but the use of transitions helped me make the video flow together better.

I used iMovie in the past but on a much older Mac and the program has changed significantly since then. It took me a while to get used to the new set up of the program but once I did, everything was very straight forward and easy to use. The thing I liked the most about iMovie was that it had some prerecorded audio that I could use as background music and play around with so you were still able to hear my voiceover.

Strat Pres Week 6 from Jessica Bajwa on Vimeo.

The technology of games have improved so much especially in the last ten years and now you are able to create a new world and players are allowed to be transported to a different world and have a completely different experience. The first game that comes to mind when I think about this is Sims. Sims is simply a virtual reality where you can create a world all of your own. You are able to make  your own political views and be the person that you really want to be.



Week 5: Editing Audio

When editing my podcast, I used GarageBand and I found that the program was very straight forward and user friendly. The menus were easy to navigate and the tools were helpful when it came to things like splicing songs and crossfading. The only downside I found was when it came time to recording my own voice. Because I am not that experienced with sound editing, I had to make sure that the full take was perfect. I tried to cut pieces and start where I left off but the audio sounded choppy and unnatural. This is not the fault of the program but with myself and lack of experience.

On redlettermedia.com, I watched a video called F*** You, It’s January! (2017) which talked about the not so great movies to look forward to in the upcoming year. It is apparent that a green screen was used and in my opinion, successfully as the hosts were not standing behind a blank wall. The backdrop of film reels added to the quality and theme of the video. There were edited clips from trailers  of those upcoming movies and the movie posters alongside the hosts as they talked about them. The audio did not seem to change when they transitioned from movies scenes to the two hosts in front of the background. The transitions were smooth and unapparent which also added to the quality of the video.

Not only did the producers of this video add clips and scenes from other sources but they added their own animations on top of those clips to enhance their arguments such as flames and explosions. I believe that the video was made in parts, one with the two hosts in front of a green screen and second with clips from other sources but taking some of the audio from the first part and laying it over the clips. By doing this, the video flowed nicely from beginning to end.


Week 4: Audio Editing

I have had some amateur experience with GarageBand in the past. Back in middle school when my family first got a Mac desktop, I always found myself trying to figure out the software and how the program worked on my own. Also, my middle and high school offered multimedia classes where we had to create basic yet original movies and audio to go along with it.  It been many years since I have actually used GarageBand and since then I bet the software has been updated and improved as well as the technology all together.

As for my use of GarageBand in the future, I see myself using it a lot for a hobby and randomly throughout my life. I love to dance and I am part of a team and although it is not my responsibility (yet) we have to use GarageBand to make a mix of songs for our dance routines. We mix about five to six songs within one routine and we do not always use the full song. GarageBand is very helpful when it comes to combining songs together and cutting out parts that we do not need. It makes the entire project flow together with transitions are fading in and out of songs to make our routine.

I can also see myself using GarageBand or an audio editing program for a job in the future. I hope to get into marketing and with that comes a lot of presentations are pitching thoughts and ideas to my bosses and co-workers. Now a days, powerpoints presentations are basic, boring, and predictable. It is what everyone uses and it is very easy to lose the attention of  your audience. On the other hand, by adding original audio or music throughout my presentation can get the attention of my audience and make it easier to impress and sell my ideas.